Girl student with a laptop

Student Learning Skills

When graduating from school are students really prepared to succeed in the real world? What are the student learning skills that help develop a top grade education?

The truth for most people is that additional engagement is often necessary to create a top student. A basic education may not give a student all of the skills they need to be reach their full potential.

Student Learning Skills - Student doing writing homework
Student doing writing homework

Information from research from the World Economic Forum has shown there is a cap between the skills that are taught in school and the skills needed to be successful.

The report suggested that students do not have the skills or the knowledge they need to survive and function in the real world.

Learning in the 21st Century often focuses on the 4Cs. They are creative thinking, communication, critical thinking, and collaborating.

These skills will help students learn in the class. They are important for success in the school building and in the real world.

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What makes a top student?

Students today are navigating education in a world never before experienced. Becoming a top A-Grade student requires the right mindset to learn.

Boy student learning technology
Boy student learning technology

The latest generation of students do not have to rush to enter the workforce. There are many more opportunities to take the time to become educated and develop skills.

There is new technology such as laptops, smartphones, online searches, and more where a student can develop skills.

There is endless potential and a student should take full advantage of this.

Stop making excuses

Students are expected to achieve a lot. They look at top students that are doing well and think of them as somehow different.

There is no excuse for a student not to progress. The progress of others should be shown to have no effect on your own performance.

In fact, others success should help motivate a student to do better. A student that makes excuses not to improve will always lead to a lower outcome.

Seeing what is possible in another student can be turned into inspiration. Beleiving that they can also reach the same standard, they will then notice they are doing much better.

Learn to Focus

Modern students are focused on Facebook posts, emails, and tweets from their friends.

With all of these distractions they often forget about what is important in their learning.

Once your focus is broken, it can be difficult to get back into the flow of your studies.

A student should refrain from checking their phones during class. Phones should be put in the locker during the school day and can be checked at lunchtime.

Put in the Time

Student that do well will put time into their studies. They do not take the easy way out.

They check their schedules and make sure there is time to complete their schoolwork and study. T

hey treat their school day like they would treat a regular work day. It is okay to take an long lunch from time to time but this should not be normal behavior.

Create your own study guide

Top students are able to focus on what it is important in their education. They know how to be active learners and take notes of the most useful information.

Student girl in library
Student girl in library

There have been studies shown that handwritten notes are more effective than notes that have been typed.

A student should make their own study guide which they can use to work on the material. They can highlight or underline key words or points. This is more interactive then just reading over it.

Test yourself

After reading over the same material from day to day it may become boring. The student may lose their focus.

Learning in the classroom
Learning in the classroom

Students can become more engaged in the lesson by completing practice test questions.

This is more interactive then just reading and will bring their attention to the main points of the lesson.

Spaced Repetition

Successful students make a study guide and then they are able to go back to the study guide and review the information.

Reviewing the study guide close to the original time of learning is important. Knowledge may drop off when it reaches a curb.

A student is more successful if they review the information a day after the lecture than reading the information five days later.

Find a Balance

School is not everything in life but it is important. A student needs to find a good balance between school and what it is important to them in life.

They need to look at what makes them happy and be sure to include it in their life. They may want to leave their books at school and study there only.

When they get home they can relax. This will help give them personal space and reduce stress. This will help the student avoid burnout.

Get enough sleep

Any tip that a student can get will mean nothing if they do not have the energy to follow through with it.

They need to make sure there is enough time to sleep at night. They need to figure out a sleep schedule so they have the energy to make it through the day.

The most important skills for students

The most important skills for students are also the most important skills for lifelong learning. The list of benefits to being a lifelong leaner is diverse and it will help a person in the long run.

Student girl-teen in exam class room
Student girl-teen in exam class room

These skills will help improve their future and will help them be the best person they can be. Mastering these skills can help a student work , learn, and live a happy life.

Lifelong learners can develop soft skills. These skills will help with personal connections and will help a person function in society.

They will help build interpersonal relationships. There are some skills that will help students, educators, and parents too.


Creativity is very important. This is important in both school and the workplace. Creativity is fostered in schools all around the world.

Problem Solving

This is another skills that is important to life long learners. This will help with situations in the real work and it is important to learn how to function in society and find solutions to common issues.

Critical Thinking

It is important now more than ever to have critical thinking skills. A person needs to learn how to think independently, be responsible, and be productive.

When a person thinks about the world they need to think about more than just their experiences. They need to look at the future and how they can have a positive impact on others.

Student making notes for learning
Student making notes for learning


Understanding the values of leadership is very important. A good leader does more than just manage things.

A leader has the ability to inspire, motivate, and give empowerment to others. A good leader will be able to help bring out the best in people and will help another person reach their full potential.


With all of the technology that is available communication is more than just interacting with others face to face.

It does not matter the means of communication. These skills will help a person learn how to effectively communicate with others.


Working with others such as working in groups is important in person and in the virtual world. This includes effective communication, having empathy for others, and valuing leadership skills.

It is important to be able to get along with others and work with other people in the office and virtual environment.

Information Management

Information is evolving and growing. It is like a living thing.

There is so much information out there that a person needs to be able to determine what it important and what is useful.

A person needs to be able to determine what information is valuable and what information may be questionable or should not be seen as valuable. This is important to determine what will be useful.

It is also part of the research process and working with valid sources. This is something that everyone should know how to do.


The world is always changing. A person not only has to watch out for the chances they need to be flexible when they are not at work too.

Life can be fluid. Life can be calm, it can be a river, or sometimes there can be waves. A person needs to learn how to make positive changes at an instant.

Child student reading outdoors
Child student reading outdoors


The desire to learn throughout life is motivated by curiosity. Outside of school a person needs to have the desire to expand their mind. Being curious is a great way to develop lifelong learning skills.


New skills and additional knowledge can be used in many different ways. This information will not provide value unless it is looked at as helpful to a person and to others around them. A person should look at the value and the benefits to learning and how it will improve their lives.

How to develop student skills

There are skills students need to develop on their own. They need to learn resilience, communication, how to become proactive, and leadership skills. These are the skills modern employers are looking for.

Student working in ART Bookmaking Class
Student working in ART Bookmaking Class

It is not clear on how to teach these skills. It is difficult to teach young people the skills they need to be successful.

Collaboration and Values

Young people need to be taught collaborative skills. They need to learn how to work with others in the classroom and people from around the world.

Build up evaluations and analysis

New information is being discovered all the time. Around 50 percent of students are learning things today that will not be relevant in the near future. It is important to teach these students research based tasks and help them adapt to changes in the information that they have known.

Tolerance and Resilience

Employers are looking for those that are able to work in a global community.

They are looking for those that are willing to work and communicate with others even those that are not familiar to them or their culture.

To help build up these skills students should be given the chance to participate in open discussions and those that are from different backgrounds.

This can be done with school trips, debates, and visits to work experiences. Questions and answers can also be done with local companies to help students learn how to have an open mind.

Learning Strengths

Every human is born with a brain that is looking to gain knowledge. All people are born with different strengths and learning their strengths can help them develop their learning style.

This will give a person the desire for leaning. One learning style does not fit all. It can be challenging at times.

If an educator gets to know their class they can plan lessons around their strengths and their interests. It may be challenging but this can help keep the students active and engaged.

Learning Outside of the Classroom

Presenting the lesson in different yet meaningful ways will help a student retain the information that they have learned.

This will help them understand the importance of the lesson and how it applies to their life. A student should be able to take the information they learned in class and apply it to the real work.

When looking at problem solving a student should look at a scenario that can happen to them in daily life.

Qualities of a Good Student

Student learning Veda
Student learning Veda

A good student values their education.

If a student wants to be successful they will see value in education.

.A good students works with teachers.

A good student will work with their teacher to help secure their success. They will know that the teachers are there to help them.

A good student takes care of their mental health.

It is hard to learn when stressed out. If a student is not in the right emotional state they will have trouble learning.

A good student makes life connections.

A good student will connect their education to their life. They will see how it affect their life on a regular basis.

A good student knows how to set goals.

Setting goals is important when focusing on behaviors for success. It will also help decrease distractions. Goals are important for learning.

A good student handles failure.

Failure is part of learning. Many people do not know how to handle failure and do not see it as part of the leaning process.

A good student is persistent

Learning can be a slow process. Some teens are not consistent especially in the areas of math and language. It takes time to learn these skills. A student needs to learn these basic skills to find successful employment.

A good Student is organized

It can be hard to remember different subjects and not be organized. Organization is something that can be taught. Planners and schedules can be helpful.

A good student looks for growth.

Growth is a personal believe that will take time and effort.

Student learning skills are also the skills that will help us to succeed in later life. By understanding these methods early on in life, today’s students can become tomorrows leaders.

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