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Learning Entrepreneurship Skills

One big question for people who want to start a successful business is whether learning entrepreneurship skills is possible.

Do entrepreneurs have a natural ability or is it something that can be learned?

women-professional in office learning Entrepreneurship skills
women-professional in office learning Entrepreneurship skills

It’s not easy to become a successful entrepreneur. Lots of people have great ideas, but not everybody has the right set of skills to realise them.

Achieving success in business takes determination, creativity and a knack for forging social connections.

While there’s no exact blueprint for how to be an entrepreneur, some qualities are highly beneficial.

The best business leaders are focused but adaptable. They know what they want, but they never ignore good advice.

They can charm and persuade, but they also understand when it’s right to say no.

They don’t wait to be called ‘entrepreneurs.’ They take the label for themselves and build productive worlds around it.

This article explores some of the skills needed to become a successful entrepreneur in an increasingly turbulent economy.

If you can learn how to turn your ideas into viable business plans, you can stop striving and start building.

What Does It Mean to Be an Entrepreneur?

The term ‘entrepreneur’ is most often used to describe business owners and investors: individuals who are in managerial positions.

business woman in the city-learning Entrepreneurship skills
business woman in the city-learning Entrepreneurship skills

However, it may also refer to creative thinkers working within large or small companies.

Broadly speaking, an entrepreneur is a person who negotiates financial risks in the pursuit of what they believe to be a profitable goal.

These people are sometimes called risk takers, because they can see the big picture and navigate around market hazards in a way others cannot.

In any case, being an entrepreneur means working harder than everybody else. It’s not easy and it can take a long time, so concentrate on developing a set of key skills.

What Qualities Does an Entrepreneur Have?

African Zimbabwean-woman - learning Entrepreneurship skills
African Zimbabwean-woman – learning Entrepreneurship skills


Do you have a positive mindset?

Optimism is important, because success in business is a complicated condition.

Everybody experiences rejections and letdowns. Sometimes, the only thing standing between success and failure will be your belief in yourself and your ideas.


Are you honest about your own potential for improvement?

Can you recognise your weaknesses and how to change them?

Entrepreneurs are never truly finished.

They inspire others to be better by improving themselves and never settling for second best.


Are you a leader or a follower?

There is room for both in the business world; however, entrepreneurs are individuals who do without being asked.

Entrepreneurs do not need to be constantly instructed.

They are not afraid to trust their instincts and feel confident enough to lead projects, make decisions and shoulder the responsibility for team outcomes.

Drive and Persistence

Are you a hard worker?

Is your work ethic the same whether you’re reporting to a superior or managing yourself?

Entrepreneurs understand that success takes hard work.

Even the wealthiest CEOs on the planet have a working week and busy schedules.

Risk Tolerance

Entrepreneurs need a suitable degree of risk tolerance, but risks should still be carefully considered.

It’s not about taking risks for the sake of it, but knowing when a gamble is worthwhile.


Are you good at accepting failure and using your mistakes as learning material for future projects?

Successful entrepreneurs have a longer list of failures than those who aren’t so innovative because they try and do more.

They know risk is necessary for success and that failure is only an end if you make it one.

What Skills Does an Entrepreneur Need to Learn?

learning Entrepreneurship skills - businessman adjusting necktie
learning Entrepreneurship skills – businessman adjusting necktie

Leadership and Motivation

Are you a confident and capable leader?

Can you motivate others to perform at their best?

Entrepreneurs are excellent communicators.

They know success in business is a team endeavour. They are happy to share the work and the rewards with those they trust.

Communication Skills

Entrepreneurs can speak to people of all types, from a wide variety of backgrounds, industries and skill sets.

Entrepreneurs understand the value in good communication skills.

They are as comfortable talking to contractors and employees as they are investors and elite clients.


Do you know when to stop talking and start listening?

Entrepreneurs are used to doing the talking, but they are never too proud to listen carefully to their colleagues, employees and affiliates.

People who cannot listen miss out on great ideas, so make sure you recognise and appreciate these opportunities.

Personal Relationships

Are you a ‘people person?’

Do you know how to adapt your attitude to suit a variety of communication styles?

Entrepreneurs score highly on emotional intelligence scales and understand how to respond to different moods and personalities.


Do you know how to persuade a person to see your point of view?

Skilled negotiators make great entrepreneurs.

This is because they have a good understanding of psychology and the communication styles that inspire generosity and reciprocity in others.


Do you have respect for those who show respect to you and your ideas? Entrepreneurship requires fairness, integrity and reliability.

Businesses cannot be built by individuals alone so becoming successful is an exercise in trust.

Those who treat others with respect are likely to receive it in kind.

How Are Entrepreneurship Skills Acquired?

Not everybody agrees entrepreneurship can be taught. Some people believe these skills are innate qualities and, while they can be refined, they cannot be created.

calculator used for Accounting
calculator used for Accounting

Regardless, it is generally agreed that skilled entrepreneurs share the following traits:

  1. Understanding of customer motivations, market potential and technical opportunities
  2. Ability to identify market opportunities and exploit them
  3. Skilled at pairing the right skills with the most suitable market opportunities

It could be argued entrepreneurs do not worry about whether these skills can be acquired or taught.

They believe in their own abilities, so they believe themselves capable of achieving and realising their goals.

Other valuable traits include risk management skills, determination to see tasks through to completion, good judgement and self-awareness.

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Created?

The truth about how entrepreneurship originates is probably a combination of ‘nature’ and ‘nurture.’

Certain skills and abilities are necessary – and can be learned – but certain personalities are more likely to embody these traits.

Those most likely to become entrepreneurs in later life are motivated, hard working, creative, detail oriented and adaptable without being undisciplined.

In many ways, the prospect of an innate entrepreneurial personality is encouraging because it means individuals from less privileged backgrounds have the raw skills to achieve and build big.


Learning entrepreneurship skills as a business owner is a important part of becoming successful.

Read the full article on skills required for a business owner to discover other important ways to educate yourself in business.

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